Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hanging out with Seth

This little boy is at such a fun age. He is so much fun to play with and his vocabulary grows daily.

He also has a fun assortment of hats thanks to grandma!
can you recognize this super hero?

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Fireman Seth

One of my favorite days last year was taking Seth to the Fireman's open house. Seth loves Fireman Sam and seeing him smile like he did all day was priceless.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Old and New Stash - Birthday Card

Back in Dec., I had a great idea to use up my Heidi Swapp silhouette flowers on top of glittered chipboard flowers. I started to make them at our craft day in Dec. at Victoria's, but never completed them. Well, with a special birthday coming up this week, I kicked it in full gear and put on the finishing touches.
You know how much I love Heidi Swapp product, right? Well, I used her polka dot stencil for my background, silhouette flowers, make a wish sticker and the gold arrow chipboard.

Monday, January 26, 2015

January Craft Day

Met up with my girl friends for a January craft day last Saturday. Adora hosted and check out the Cobb salad she made for us. So good!

We also love that Wendy made the last 2 dates...love you chica! We also love seeing her little baby too!
After we ate and gabbed we proceeded to craft the day away. Victoria worked on Seahawk-inspired earrings that she sells, Wendy worked on making her son Sebastian a puzzle board, Adora was busy being our host and I worked on making tissue paper tassels. I saw this tutorial by Heidi Swapp and I knew it would be a great idea to use a lot of pretty tissue paper that I have been hoarding!
I wanted to make 3 garlands, but only finished 2 with 15 tassels to a strand. I can't believe I used up all my tissue paper! Adds a little fun to the girls room :)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

A little birthday love

My sister celebrated a birthday on Jan. 3rd and I had no idea what to get her. Normally we are good about creating a wish list, but this year she had no time to do that. I've been slowly putting together a scrapbook album of Autumn for her and realized we totally neglected Seth. So for Linda's birthday I whipped up a scrapbook album of Seth and I think she was quite pleased.

Hey Linda, I need more photos!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Super Bowl Bound again!

Where were you yesterday? Sitting in front of the tv in disbelief or did you feel a comeback was inevitable? Christopher and I watched the game from home and suffered through the first 3 quarters just like everyone else. It really looked bad, but faith is the evidence of things not seen. And Mr. Russell Wilson has faith! When we recovered the onside kick is when I new without a shadow of a doubt that we could win this game and WIN we did! Such an incredible comeback.

Friday night we went to the Harmon for a Seahawk rally and enjoyed camaraderie with our fellow seahawk fans.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

The Great Wheel

One weekend when Christopher was getting tattoo work done in downtown Seattle, I suggested we go on the Great Wheel. My work gave everyone 2 free tickets and I had been holding onto them for over a year. It was a very pretty scenic ride as we snapped picture after picture of the view and of ourselves.

I sure do love spending time with you, Christopher. Thanks for a great day!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Walking in a winter wonderland

Returned to a full work week and boy is it kicking my butt! Unfortunately for me, I don't get coverage while on vacation so I came back to a mountain of paperwork. It didn't kick my butt like snowshoeing up in Paradise though. I was a huffing and puffing on all the up bits. And really happy on all the down bits!

Reminder if you go to Paradise in snowy conditions bring chains with you! They might be mandatory. We forgot to bring ours and the Ranger made us turnaround. We ended up buying some chains at the outpost store for a whopping $100. The good thing was if we didn't use them, we could return them and only be charged a $10 restocking fee. And lucky for us, we made it safe and sound up and down the hill without busting out our brand new $100 chains!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Earrings for the 12th Man Fan

One of the gifts I received this year were a set of "12" earrings to support the Seattle Seahawks. My friend Victoria makes these really cool earrings and has them for sale in her Etsy shop. Take a look....
12th Man Earrings

I have mine hooked on my Seahawk tree when I'm not wearing them.

(sorry for the blurry photo, Victoria has several close ups for more details.)
Go Hawks!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Dec. Pics

After all that waiting, Christopher's kids finally got to open their gifts. Megan had been asking for a phone all year long. When she didn't get one for her birthday in June she pushed hard for a phone for Christmas. We saved the best gift for last and poor little Megan lost all hope for a phone. Elizabeth was the first to open her phone and Megan couldn't believe it. She was in a state of disbelief and stated, "If this is a dream i will be so upset!"

After all their whining and complaining which they did a lot of (except for William), I think the kids were happy with their gifts and will be whining less now that they won't be bored to death!

We also celebrated William's 14th birthday on the 21st. My coworker Sarah made him a 4 layer chocolate cake with white frosting from scratch using the theme from the card game - Magic: the gathering.

I also forgot to share pictures of my Craft Day Holiday Get Together! We celebrated at Victoria's house and were blessed to have Wendy and her newborn Euniva (not sure if I'm spelling that right) in our presence.

So happy to see all my crafty friends!