Friday, July 31, 2015

Twelve Years Ago...

I remember this day so well 12 years ago. I was working at Merrick and I got the call on my lunch break Linda was about to deliver. I hurried across the street to Swedish Hospital and made my way to her birthing suite. I stood at her door/curtain hesitant to go in. Part of me didn't want to see this business of life. Her nurse saw me and told her someone was here and Linda said, "Oh that's Sandy come on in."
Linda wanted pictures, but Donnie was by her head helping her to breathe, so Donnie gave me the camera. Funny how the things you don't really want to do, you end up doing! Linda was so pleased to have those pics.
Twelve years later, Skylar is a social butterfly, who loves to play lacrosse, rough house with his siblings, loves to play video games, knows all the latest and greatest things to do on his cell phone and is pure awesomeness to me. He Makes Life Awesome!
Happy Birthday Skylar! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fire in the backyard

A fire pit to be exact! Woot woot! My goal since moving into this house has been to reduce my mow time and since Christopher brought all these free bricks home I was so down on making a fire pit in this area.

I still need to figure out the seating area, but other than that it is done. We also added two large tree stumps we got for free off of Craigslist as little side tables. The only cost was the sand and gravel. I love a low budget DIY.

Here's what we had before -
(that's my dad with the bobcat)

I showed Christopher a pattern I liked and he started me off above here and I finished it off. Always a good feeling to accomplish a goal in mind.

I think we are done with the DIY this year. Ok, I know we are done with the DIY this year, lol! I've asked Christopher to draw up a rough estimate for the cost of wood for a new deck to replace the heavily cracked patio for next year. The last eye sore in the backyard.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Super Jump

Last week, my sister went on vacation so I jumped in to help my mom with Seth and Autumn. And I literally mean I jumped. Off we went to Super Jump for 90 minutes of bouncing and sliding. When Seth and I got to the top of the bouncy slide, I didn't hesitate and with him in my lap down we went. It was a rush for sure and Seth immediately said, "Again!" Let me tell you it was hard work getting Autumn up the ladder. The first time when she got almost to the top she wanted to turn around, but I talked her out of it and put her in my lap and had Seth sit close next to me with my arm around him. I counted down to 3 and off we went. It was pure laughter all the way down. Even my mom was laughing as we made it to the bottom.
  After the bouncy slide, Seth got to do the bungee jump and he was perma grin!

They can't wait to go again! 

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

For My Love

Christopher planted Dahlias in the spring and here are the fresh cuts. So lovely and the colors make me smile!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Trip to Cargo

One of my favorite stores to visit in Portland is Cargo. They recently moved across the river and while I was down there I was determined to make a visit in the 94 degree heat. Must give a shout out to Google Maps. Love it! Made life so much easier! Anyway I found the new store and once again they have no A/C, but the new spot had just as much character as the last.

I saw this causal shirt in my favorite colors and wanted it so bad until I saw the price....uh $98 no thank you. a photo to remember you will do just fine.

I left Cargo feeling inspired and made my way to Artemesia - my all time favorite terrarium shop.
Happy Tax Free Shopping!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Dad's Day

My sister and I plus Autumn made a road trip to Port Orchard to visit my dad, jannelle and grandpa on father's day. It was such a good visit. My granpda is 92 and going strong. I love that he is so active and still has things he wants to do. I get my go get 'em attitude from him.

My dad wanted a picture with Autumn on this bear because he was photographed the same as a kid.

Here are some cards I made to celebrate the day. Victoria bought a Minc machine so I went to town foiling the word happy and the labels in a copper color. The UR card was inspired by Jamie Pate.

 This card below came from the House of 3 printable. Still gotta love it! I made this one for Christopher's dad.

Linda and I talk all the time how lucky we are to have my dad as a dad. Dad, you are the best of the best!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DIY Bathroom Remodel

It's been 67 days since we started the main bathroom remodel and I am so happy to report it is done. I calculated it took us 12 working days to transform our 70's bathroom into a modern 2015 bathroom.
And here it is...

We started (and by we, I mean Christopher did the majority of labor and I was his chief helper and sweeper upper of things) by removing the shower, vanity, floor and a most of the sheetrock.

Funny how we thought we could do this in a weekend! The first weekend we were able to get the shower installed just in time for a Sunday night shower before the work week. I had a back up plan just in case we ran into any malfunction, hello sister i'm coming over, but thankfully I didn't have to call her.

Next came sheetrock and flooring. I bought a variegated faux wood ceramic tile from Home Depot that was heavily discounted, but when we laid it out, the colors were completely different from the store sample. So one of our many trips back to the store and I finally found a dark grey poreclain tile at Lowes that I liked much better. Thanks Mike for letting us borrow your wet saw! It saved us a ton of time.

Day 25 we installed the toilet back. Such a happy day!

A not happy day was determining we had to redo a small portion of sheetrock to install steel support brackets for the floating vanity. OUCH! Brackets are expensive and we found them online for $108 each. Thankfully my dad has mad skills like Christopher and he fabricated 3 steel support brackets which we attached to the studs. We ended up only using 2 because the plumbing got in the way of the third.

Note to self: if you install a floating vanity put the steel brackets in before you sheetrock! You wouldn't believe the satisfaction we felt after we installed the floating vanity and knew it would never fall down! I bought it on Ebay (RoyaltonBath) back in February so I've been very patient. Isn't it lovely? 

After the vanity and faucet, we were down to the home stretch. Christopher installed a shelf for me above the toilet so I could make a nice display of things. And then it was just touch up paint and caulking.
Almost forgot our new pocket door. Since the bathroom is so small we thought a pocket door would create a bigger space.

and now for some more before and after pics.

I can't believe we actually did it. It was definitely a dream of mine to redo the bathroom and now I dream of a new kitchen! ha! according to Christopher there will be no more DIY this year! I need to save up a lot more for that one, but a girl can dream!

Overall, it cost $2,718 in new parts to remodel our bathroom. It would have cost double for sure if I hired out. THANK YOU CHRISTOPHER for making my dreams come true! Love you!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Privacy Screen update

Christopher built me this privacy screen back in August and I have finally started to pretty it up. Not sure where I like the yellow lanterns best - in the box or on the table? I am going to scavenge the garden for two plants to put in the pots. Glad I got options!

and here's what it looked like before...

Up next - fire pit and pavers! 
p.s. the bathroom is finished, woot woot! pics to come :) insert happy happy dance!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Turning 12

Christopher's girl are officially 12! Woot! I made a pink card for Megan and not so pink for Elizabeth.