Sunday, April 13, 2014

3 out of 4 is not bad

The sun came out in force and Christopher and I worked like dogs in the front and back yard. Christopher built 3 out of 4 garden beds and hopefully by Monday night the 4th will be completed. We used untreated douglas fir and corrugated steel and I really like how they turned out.

 Will and Elizabeth helped build beds #2 and 3
My job was to stain the wood then I was off to the front yard reworking the strip of grass I pulled out last year. Weeds and clumps of grass were invading my handy work, but just a couple hours of retilling and pouring red mulch turned my barren patch of dirt into a manicured front yard. or at least i like to think that! i also planted some lavender for my viewing pleasure.  Christopher, Will and Elizabeth moved the railway ties from the back to create a little fence in the front yard. photos to come :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

You're Amazing

made this birthday card for a dear co-worker. used webster's pages background paper, glitter paper, heidi swapp "you are here" resist star, label and happy birthday stamp, MME "you're amazing sticker.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Let there be Tavern Oak

So Christopher outdid himself last weekend. Not only do I have a new half bath,  he put new flooring in the laundry room which I have been wanting for so long. My original plan was to buy a runner to cover the awful carpet, but we had some leftover flooring from the bathroom. I can't believe how much it transforms the room.

Friday, March 7, 2014

Half Bathroom Makeover

So after the beach hike Christopher started the process of gutting our half bathroom. I was so excited because I got a sweet deal on this marble top vanity at Lowes. There were 5 pages of reviews with people loving or hating it so I went for it because I was of the kind who loved it.

Here's the bathroom when we moved in. Not terribly bad. They put in new flooring which I didn't care about. The vanity top wasn't bad either, I just wanted something that screamed modern and new. What I absolutely hated was the mirror and cabinet straight out of the 70's. Also the faucet was hard on the wrists to turn on.        

 Here Christopher has gutted the bathroom, woohoo!
 I bought Tavern Oak Floor Laminate at Lowes, which I am pretty happy about. I love that reclaimed vintage look.
I bought everything at Lowes since they are close to where we live. It makes me so happy to have something nice to look at in my older home. I also bought the tri-fold medicine cabinet and a Delta wide spread faucet.

Pretty inexpensive with Christopher doing the labor. Flooring, baseboards, marble vanity top, faucet, and medicine cabinet. The only thing left is installing a new light fixture. Babe, thank you so much for working on this project! I love it.

Mini Vacation to the Coast

It was that time of year for our annual hike on the Washington coast. Christopher knows how to pick those dry warm sunny days because Sandy don't like camping in the rain! This year we hiked from Third Beach to Toleak Point. We were a party of 6 with 2 two people who had never hiked the coast before.

 Christopher with his brother Patrick

 I waited for Mike and Matt to climb up with the ropes for a photo op, but they just chatted and chatted.
 My Osprey pack
 The weather was so perfect Matt had to work on his tan.
 Sunset Friday night
 Doing a whole lotta nothing on a Saturday morning at the beach.

 There were quite a few rope climbs which I am all for. When the legs are tired I will always have my arm strength. Note to self: always use gloves on the rope climbs. your hands will thank you.

Our walk out Sunday morning was crazy. A certain somebody didn't want to be ready by 8am so we missed our opportunity for a low tide walk out. We got to experience getting hit by waves, mud to our calves and being stranded for 2.5 hours here on a perch in the rain until we could get around this cape. Nonetheless, it was a fun vacation with laughs all around. Can't wait til the next hike!

Too see all the photos click on my Flickr account on the left side.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Hello Today

Last week I was able to find Hello Today at Michaels. I searched Tukwila and Federal Way with no luck only to find success in Bellevue. Here's my haul...

Yesterday I spent most of the day in the craft room playing with my new stash. I made a very similar card to Heidi's butterfly card just didn't have a doily on-hand for Christopher's daughter, Megan, who was in the hospital with pneumonia.

The ephemera packs are loaded with goodness. I couldn't stop whipping up birthday cards.

I took Heidi's Stencil Magic class which is why I have so many papers with polka dots.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Laundry Room Makeover

Since we moved to the house last year, I hadn't really focused on our laundry room with so many other things going on like replacing the baseboards with an electric furnace/ducting and landscaping the backyard. Once we got that out of the way I began to think how I could pretty up the laundry room.
It looked like this....bad ugly paneling!

Christopher took down the paneling and put up a thin sheet rock. After he mudded and sanded it, I painted the walls Benjamin Moore Gray Owl and the doors/trim a bright white. Note: I had suggested to my coworker how awesome Gray Owl was via Emily Henderson's blog and she bought it only to dislike the color. She was so generous she gave me the whole gallon. I was jumping for joy!
Here's the room coming along...

The previous owner had these three shelves which I wanted to replace with cabinets, but decided to hold off and see how I could pretty them up.

In order to hide the spigot to the washer, Christopher built me a box to elevate the washer and dryer. I then told him I wanted a cabinet to house the hampers and he went to work. We also added pegboard to the opposite wall which helps to organize my cleaning products. My inspiration came from Elsie's laundry room photographed on A Beautiful Mess' website.
Here is the room almost complete. I have yet to find a long runner to cover the gross carpet. And I need to clean the black mat which got goopy after Christopher mudded the walls.

Feels good to have a room come to almost completion. Moving onto the bathrooms!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Victory Parade...

Today was a day never to be forgotten. Everything was out of the norm. People were staring at me funny with my 3 step ladder. Oh yes, I was going to be 7 feet tall today and it paid off. I worked for 3.5 hours then ventured out into the freezing cold air. I picked my spot across the Seattle Public Library aka The Black Box, opened my ladder and proceeded to grow 2 feet. The feeling of having an unobstructed view was priceless in my book.

I froze my butt off and felt like I was going to lose fingers, but I waited and waited til they came.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Valentine Cards

After seeing Heidi's new product online I was super excited to see what I could come up with since my Michaels has not yet picked it up. It was pure eye candy seeing her new papers and ephemera.
I used her older products to replicate her card. Love the pink paper with hearts. Also threw in some of her trimming that you heat set to crinkle, older resist paper, "always" word sticker and label sticker.

I had an awesome day making pretty stuff!

Go HAWKS! Super Bowl Champs!